LeBron James, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates Have Dinner Together, Probably Plan World Domination (VIDEO)

Coolest Dinner Party EVER? LeBron, Warren Buffett And Bill Gates Chill In Vegas

A recently posted video shows some of the world's most powerful athletes getting chummy with a pair of the world's most powerful businessmen.

LeBron James, one of the world's biggest superstars, posted "behind-the-scenes" footage from the 2008 Las Vegas dinner to his YouTube page this week. During the 2-minute clip, the Miami Heat player is seen dining casually with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, the second and third richest men in the world, respectively, according to Forbes.

The small talk must have been absolutely scintillating.

The unique meeting of the minds took place at the swanky Bartolotta at the Wynn, according to Bleacher Report. In 2008, Lebron and fellow NBA star Chris Paul were training together before heading to Beijing for the Summer Olympics. He reportedly invited the men to see the team play.

"We just had dinner with a few friends of ours, you know," James deadpans near the end of the clip. "Two guys by the name of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. A lot of people call him William. Two of the powerful people in the world, you know."

This is not the first time Buffett and James have been seen out together, however. In fact, the octogenarian has publicly praised the basketball player's eye for finances, calling him "savvy" and grounded, Yahoo! sports notes.

James currently is listed as fourth on Forbes' list of highest paid athletes last year, lagging only behind boxers Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, and Tiger Woods.

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