At Least LeBron's Pretty Funny In This 'Trainwreck' Clip?

Hard couple weeks for LeBron James. No one’s denying that. Lost a bunch of the teammates he was counting on to injuries. Lost the NBA Finals in six games. Probably feels pretty bleak for old LeBron right now. Long summer ahead, no doubt. Too much time, he’s probably thinking. Too much time to think. But keep your head up, LeBron. After all, you’re a star, and you’ve got a big movie coming out in July. “Trainwreck,” it’ll read -- your name emblazoned. Left, right and center. You've always wanted this.

We watched a clip that came out on Tuesday, the night your season ended, and we’ll admit two things: We weren’t expecting to laugh, and we did anyway. Solid straight man. Good comedic timing. "Trainwreck" looks watchable, and that's not nothing. At least you have that, LeBron. At least you have that.



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