Led Across a Left-brain Landscape, These Women are Looking for Strong Men to Match Their Vision

Led Across a Left-brain Landscape, These Women are Looking for Strong Men to Match Their Vision
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In a recent commentary in Time magazine, Camille Paglia singles out a small group of feminists whose views on men are well known, and then acts as if their point of view is widespread.

"Men's faults, failings and foibles have been seized on and magnified into gruesome bills of indictment" she cleverly writes, as if to shock the reader. But is it really "feminists" who are doing this or is she actually indicting the mainstream media instead, where the failings, foibles, and acts of violence of (mostly) men fill the front-page news.

And, are today's young women really living in a chronic state of anxiety about "their prospects for an emotionally fulfilled private life." Or is the issue much larger than that?

Could these women have been describing a spiritual desert that they discovered in the midst of their 24/7 news feed lives, where one finds very little that's uplifting to nourish the RIGHT brain, male or female?

If it bleeds, it still leads today's news. And women with their perpetually malfunctioning wardrobes are shunted to a soft porn peep show in the right hand column.

It's not that women want to scale tall buildings with men to do the "hair-raising work of insetting and sealing the finely tempered plate-glass windows of skyscrapers." it's not that at all.

Falling on deaf ears, Paglia's words nose-dive through 35 years of recent history, breaking into shards of old school rhetoric across today's urban scene.

Her description of modern America is actually a rerun of an old movie from the Industrial Age that is often shown in black and white.

From my research and interviews, the plight of today's women growing up smart, savvy, and sexy in the Information Age is a simple one.

These women are needed to do the "heavy lifting and transport of ideas. They are growing up in a world where ideas are the new "gold." This gold is extracted from a creative mind, not mined from the Earth.

On the information highway, it is women who are doing most of the talking. It is women, those nomadic gatherers of old - no longer hunting for berries, nuts and plants, - who are now doing most of the shopping online.

We now know what marketers have known all along, that scientifically, each of the decisions we humans make, whether online or off, whether in the boardroom or bedroom, includes a strong emotional component.

Led by their emotions across a left-brain landscape, this small group of scheming women talking together 24/7 across timelines have decided they want a better deal in life.

Young in mind, yet heavy of heart, these savvy, sometimes scary smart women want men to match their vision. And the vision of women I describe in my report on the new science of a woman's brain is of a better world where the mind-body-spirit are aligned, not over-stressed and burned out.

These women, young at heart at any age, want men to match their vision. In their perfect world, they believe that all people can thrive, not just those living a "winner take all" lifestyle at the top of the food chain.

From my long observation, which also predates the sexual revolution, I know this to be true: When strong men who share a common vision step forward, these women WILL embrace them.


Alexia Parks is a science journalist and an expert on the new science of the woman's brain.

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