Baby In An LED Costume Is Even More Enchanting As A Trick-Or-Treater

The LED stick figure costume that took the Internet by storm made its little owner a minor celebrity when she went trick-or-treating. last week.

On Monday, dad and costume mastermind Royce Hutain posted a video of "Glowy Zoey" -- whose luminous outfit changed colors several times -- scampering around in her Huntington Beach, Calif. neighborhood. Like most toddlers, she was on go, chasing her friends in circles and making friends with awestruck onlookers. "We knew some people would recognize her but did not expect that it would be pretty much everyone!" Hutain wrote on YouTube.

Set to a suitably creepy soundtrack, the action is magical.

Hutain hopes his fans will support a just-launched Kickstarter campaign to create an affordable line of "LED Baby Stickman" costumes for kids, adults, pets and athletes by Halloween 2014. If you can't wait that long, though -- and you're feeling ambitious -- he's also posted a video tutorial.

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