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Lee Hadwin Can Only Make Art In His Sleep (VIDEO)

WATCH: This Guy Makes Art In His Sleep

Lee Hadwin might not even want to be an artist, but he is.

Hadwin creates art in his sleep, completely oblivious to the fact that he's actually doing it. The 37-year-old North Wales native can't remember what he does while he's a sleep, and can't even recreate the work when he's awake, according to the BBC.

In fact, Hadwin flat out told the BBC that he has no desire to be an artist, but he can't help it.

It's almost scary how good he is too.

Despite numerous tests, doctors don't know much about his "condition," how he's able to produce these works of art while he's not conscious, or even what stage of sleep he's in while he creates. According to the video below, the drawings didn't become more intricate until Hadwin was well into his teens.

The whole thing is almost surreal.


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