Lee Mulcahy Fired By Aspen Ski Company After Speaking Up About Wages

The Aspen Ski Company has fired an employee who protested the wages that the company paid beginning ski instructors.

Lee Mulcahy was surprised on Monday to learn that he had been fired by Aspen Ski Company. The Aspen Times reported the news on Monday, quoting a statement from Aspen Ski Company's CEO asserting that Mulcahy "no longer meets the standards required to be a ski pro with the Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen."

The veteran ski instructor began circulating petitions and writing op-eds last year complaining of the low wages paid to beginning ski and snowboard instructors.

"We now pay $69 a day to beginning instructors for a lesson we charge $625," he wrote in a January op-ed.

In January, the Aspen Ski Company responded to Mulcahy's public demonstrations by suspending him without pay for three weeks. The instructor told the Aspen Daily News on Monday that he had a meeting scheduled on Friday to discuss his future employment status with the company.

Mulcahy said he had been "optimistic" he would be allowed to return to work.