Leeland Eisenberg: Who Is The Hillary Office Hostage Suspect

Name: Leeland Eisenberg, formerly known as Ralph E. Woodward, Jr. Age: 47 Family: Married to Lisa (Warren) Eisenberg, although divorce papers were filed on November 27 of this year citing "irreconcilable differences." At least one stepson, whom he told to watch the news today. Mother died before he turned 21; abused by violent, alcoholic father as a child. Hometown: Somersworth, N.H. Criminal History: Has history of challenging the police. May have served time in the Massachusetts Department of Corrections. Legal History: Filed suit against Boston Archbishop Bernard Cardinal Law in 2002 alleging sexual abuse at the hands of Father Richard Buntel. Criminal History More: Has been arrested and charged with criminal mischief, domestic violence, and violation of a protective order. He was due in court today on charges of domestic violence.

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