Review: Leesa's Hybrid Pillow Lets Me Sleep Through The Night Pain-Free

And it's much cheaper than a new mattress or physical therapy.

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I pride myself on being a dedicated yogi who aims for an ergonomic work setup that promotes productivity. I also stretch regularly and get massages once in a while — all the makings of a pain-free life. But up until six months ago, I was waking up with aches and pains in my upper back and neck that I couldn’t shake until mid-morning, often needing the help of a heating pad and mild pain killer.

That’s when I stumbled upon the Leesa Hybrid Pillow, almost by accident. After reading that you should get a new pillow once every two years — or at least be washing them (which I hadn’t been!) — I realized I was long overdue for a pillow update. I decided it was time to upgrade, since the last time I’d gotten a new pillow I was in my mid-20s, and it was from IKEA. Didn’t I deserve something a little nicer now that I was a full-fledged adult?

Ever on the hunt for products for better sleep, like luxurious PJs, I wanted to give the Leesa pillow a try because I’d heard good things about it. I’m usually a two-pillow kind of girl, but the combination of the pillow’s high-than-IKEA price point and its lofty look convinced me I probably needed just one. That hunch turned out to be right. There’s a quilted side and a cooling side of the pillow, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that my two-pillow habit wasn’t missed. I just had to figure out which side was more heavenly to sleep on.

Two other surprises I didn’t see coming? The quality of my sleep, and the fact that I now wake up pain-free almost every day. As it turns out, the right pillow can mean the difference between restful Zs or a morning spent soothing a sore neck. Plus, most experts agree that a pillow should be about 4- to 5-inches high to properly support your head, neck and shoulders, and an aged pillow can often lose its loftiness.

I had no idea that the solution to my pesky problem came down to my pillow, but I’m glad my solution is a lot more affordable than the cost of physical therapy down the road. The only problem? I now can’t sleep with any other pillow, meaning I’ve started dragging my Leesa pillow with me on vacation. Totally worth the extra bulk for a good night’s sleep, if you ask me.