Someone Already Got A 'Left Shark' Tattoo, Because Of Course

UPDATE: We found some more info on the artist responsible for this wonderful tattoo. His name is Rene Cordero and he tattoos for Kitchens' Ink out of Denver, Colorado. Cordero took the memes which inundated the internet almost immediately after the Left Shark's halftime show appearance and did his best to capture it in all its glory on the body of Matty Clark, owner of a local Denver music venue called Hi-Dive. (H/t The Denver Post)

PREVIOUSLY: Has the halftime show stage even been fully collapsed and put away yet?!

To perhaps the surprise of absolutely no one at all, someone has already forever sealed their love for the "Left Shark," by far the Super Bowl halftime show's most memorable non-Katy Perry performer.

Perhaps this is actually a clever coverup tattoo and underneath there's a Seahawks logo ...

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