Leftover Chili Recipes That May Come In Handy During A Snow Storm

This may or may not come in handy today.

When it's time to hunker down and hide from the cold -- or the blizzard that is causing widespread panic throughout the Northeast -- nothing sounds better than a big bowl of chili. Hearty, warming and spicy if you like it that way, chili is precisely what we want to be eating, on the couch, in a snow storm.

One of the best parts about chili is that you make it in large quantities, preferably in the biggest pot you have in your house, which means you can eat it for days. The only problem with chili's longevity, however, is the risk of chili fatigue. Even the biggest chili fan might get a little tired on day four of eating the same thing. Leftover chili doesn't have to be boring, however. There are countless ways to spice up your chili (pun intended) to make leftover meals seem new. You can always go the traditional route and make a chili dog, and spooning chili over nachos is always a good idea. And that's just the beginning. We collected our favorite recipes that put leftover chili to good use.

Here are 11 ways to use leftover chili that may or may not come in handy during a snow storm.

Cover Nachos In Chili, Because Obviously.
A Spicy Perspective
Stuff Chili Into Biscuits, And Then Add Cheese.
Oh, Sweet Basil
Get the Chili Cheese Pockets recipe from Oh, Sweet Basil
Chili Cheese Fries. DUH!
Creole Contessa
Make The Ultimate Chili Dog.
Damn Delicious
Get the Texas Corn Dogs recipe from Damn Delicious
Cook A Casserole, Because Casseroles Are Cool, Guys.
Averie Cooks
Get the Chips And Cheese Chili Casserole recipe from Averie Cooks
Make Chili Mac And Cheese, Because That Would Be Crazy Good.
Damn Delicious
Get the One Pot Chili Mac And Cheese recipe from Damn Delicious
Fill Enchiladas With Chili. And Cheese, Of Course.
Buns In My Oven
Get the Chili Cheese Enchiladas recipe from Buns In My Oven
Cover Baked Potatoes In Chili. YES!
Skinny Taste
Get the Loaded Turkey Chili Baked Potato recipe from Skinny Taste
Make Frito Pie. Mm Hm.
Brown Eyed Baker
Get the Frito Pie recipe from Brown Eyed Baker
Pour It Onto Polenta. You Know That Looks Good.
How Sweet It Is
Get the Chili Cheese Polenta Bowls recipe from How Sweet It Is
Put Cornbread On It. What's Not To Love?
Brown Eyed Baker
Get the Tamale Pie recipe from Brown Eyed Baker

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