10 Meals That Taste Even Better As Leftovers

It's time to double down.

It requires some serious effort to even summon the energy to make a home-cooked meal, much less to have the actual skills to execute it. That’s why you should make sure what you do cook will reward you not only for dinner, but for the next meal (or two) to follow.

While fried chicken is tempting ― and still wholly edible the next day ― there are some meals that actually taste better when given some time to rest in the fridge. Those are the recipes you should be using your last bit of energy on. That’s how you double down.

Behold, 10 recipes that’ll taste great for dinner ― and even better as leftovers.

Thai Green Chicken Curry
Simply Recipes
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Irish Beef Stew
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Pimento Cheese Chicken Salad
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Mexican Lasagna
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Roasted Sweet Potato And Black Bean Chili
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Crockpot Italian Chicken And Broccoli Rabe Chili
Half Baked Harvest
Three Bean Salad
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BBQ Meatloaf Sliders
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Meatballs And Tomato Sauce
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Butternut Beef Stew With Pearl Couscous
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