Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwiches That Are Nothing Short Of Epic

Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and mashed potatoes are even better between two slices of bread.

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Long before Ross Gellar made the Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich popular with the Moist Maker, we’ve been finding creative ways to jam leftovers between bread for ages.

Thanksgiving ― equipped with a fridge that is overflowing with fresh-roasted turkey, tangy cranberry sauce and gravy ― can provide all the necessities for an epic sandwich. The best part? Anything goes. Mashed potatoes and even stuffing get layered between two slices of bread to create the biggest, baddest carb fest the world has ever seen. Add some gravy on top, and these sandwiches are a little taste of heaven on earth.

Feasting at Home
Turkey Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Cranberry Mustard
Oh, Sweet Basil
Leftover Turkey Club
Get the Leftover Turkey Club recipe from Oh, Sweet Basil
Foodie Crush
Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwich
Get the Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwich recipe from Foodie Crush
Pinch Of Yum
Loaded Turkey Panini
Get the Loaded Turkey Panini recipe from Pinch Of Yum
Spoon Fork Bacon
The Specialist Leftover Turkey Sandwich
How Sweet It Is
Roasted Turkey BLAT With Poached Egg
Get the Roasted Turkey BLAT With Poached Egg recipe from How Sweet It Is
BS in the Kitchen
“The Turkey Dinner” Grilled Cheese
Get the “The Turkey Dinner” Grilled Cheese recipe from BS in the Kitchen
Buns In My Oven
The Gobbler
Get The Gobbler recipe from Buns In My Oven
Foodie Crush
Turkey And White Cheddar With Caramelized Onion And Grape Grilled Cheese
Heather Christo
Roasted Turkey, Cranberry And Brie Grilled Cheese
Foodie Crush
Grilled Brie, Turkey, Cranberry And Avocado Sandwich
The Gunny Sack
Turkey Sandwich With Cranberry Mayo
Get the Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry Mayo recipe from The Gunny Sack
Simply Recipes
Hot Turkey Sandwich
Get the Hot Turkey Sandwich recipe from Simply Recipes
Nutmeg Nanny
Turkey, Apple And Brie Panini
Get the Turkey, Apple And Brie Panini recipe from Nutmeg Nanny

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