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Leftover Turkey Sandwich Recipes That Thanksgiving Dreams Are Made Of

These sandwiches might actually top the Thanksgiving meal itself.

If you’ve planned Thanksgiving right, you’ve figured out how to cook enough turkey cooked enough turkey (and how long to cook it) to guarantee plenty of leftovers, because we all know there will be a rebellion if leftover turkey sandwiches don’t happen.

We all know roasted turkey reigns supreme over deli turkey, so now’s the time to make all your favorite turkey sandwiches. But you’re going to make them better, and we’re here to help you with that.

Below, you’ll find cold sandwiches, hot sandwiches, grilled sandwiches and open-faced sandwiches. We’ve got classics that combine turkey with cranberries and all your favorite Thanksgiving sides, and we’ve also got some insane twists ― behold, a waffle Monte Cristo (try not to let your jaw drop when you see it).

Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwich
Foodie Crush
Get the Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwich recipe from Foodie Crush
Turkey & White Cheddar With Caramelized Onion And Grape Grilled Cheese
Foodie Crush
Roasted Turkey, Cranberry And Brie Grilled Cheese
Heather Christo
Thanksgiving Leftovers Croque Madame
Get the Thanksgiving Leftovers Croque Madame recipe from Half Baked Harvest
Double Grilled Cheese & Turkey Sandwich
“The Turkey Dinner” Grilled Cheese
BS in the Kitchen
Get the “The Turkey Dinner” Grilled Cheese recipe from BS in the Kitchen
Turkey, Smashed Avocado, Cranberry, Brie and Mashed Potato Waffle Melts
Half Baked Harvest
Turkey, Cranberry And Cream Cheese Comfort Sandwich
James Ransom/Food52
The Gobbler
Buns In My Oven
Get The Gobbler recipe from Buns In My Oven
Cobb Salad Sandwich
Two Peas And Their Pod
Get the Cobb Salad Sandwich recipe from Two Peas And Their Pod
Grilled Brie, Turkey, Cranberry & Avocado Sandwich
Foodie Crush
Hot Turkey Sandwich
Simply Recipes
Get the Hot Turkey Sandwich recipe from Simply Recipes
Turkey Grilled Cheese Sandwich With Pickled Onions
Simply Recipes
Thanksgiving Leftover Panini
Annie's Eats
Get the Thanksgiving Leftover Panini recipe from Annie's Eats
Turkey Banh Mi
Get the Turkey Banh Mi recipe from Macheesmo
Turkey, Apple And Brie Panini
Nutmeg Nanny
Get the Turkey, Apple And Brie Panini recipe from Nutmeg Nanny
Turkey Soup Recipes