Leftovers Dating Site: Swedish Online Service Pairs Up Suitors With Last Night's Cuisine

Would You Choose To Date Leftovers?

Online dating has long catered to all sorts of people with strange quirks and bizarre habits. But now, there's a dating service that matches people up to share their leftovers-- as in food, not lovers.

Dubbed Restdejting, suitors are invited to enter five ingredients left in their fridge, reports Wired.

The selected ingredients are then published on Facebook for other Restdejting singletons to see.

Springwise reports there's also a speed dating version where you select ingredients before penciling in a date for two, three or even four people.

One ad from the website reads:

"Leftover lettuce looking for steamed crab. Meal for three? Please let me know."

Another ad opts to marry a nut with some dairy:

"Large walnut looking for strong cheese. Meal for two? Look forward to hearing from you!"

The brainchild of Lantmannen, a Swedish farmers cooperative, the dating service aims to spark romance between the like-minded eco-conscious without harming the Earth.

So far, the website is only available in Swedish, where a fifth of all food is reportedly thrown out.

The Scandinavian country isn't the only nation guilty of food waste. In fact, the problem is global.

In the U.S., Americans generate more than 34 million tons food waste per year, reports the EPA.

Meanwhile, some 25 percent of all freshwater, and 4 percent of all oil consumed, are used to produce food that is never eaten.

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