The First 'Leftovers' Season 2 Teaser Sets Up A Whole New Mystery

As if there weren't already enough unanswered questions in HBO's "The Leftovers," the new season will bring even more.

HBO released the first teaser trailer for Season 2 of Damon Lindelof's series on Friday, hinting at the direction the eerie drama will take. The teaser shows a traffic-jam of cars lined up on a highway while various people wait to enter Jarden, Texas. What is so special about this town? No Jarden residents have seemingly disappeared during the Departure.

The first season of "The Leftovers," based on Tom Perrotta's book of the same name, was set in Mapleton, New York three years after the Departure, a Rapture-like event in which two percent of the world's population suddenly disappeared. All that is known about Season 2 so far is that it will take place in another town (clearly Jarden) and only feature some of the lead cast from the first season, including Justin Theroux and Amy Brenneman.

Lindelof recently talked to The Huffington Post about the series, which has been called one of the most depressing shows on television. The "Lost" co-creator said that he was working on "The Leftovers" Season 2 while editing his latest film "Tomorrowland," revealing how difficult it was to jump between the optimism of the Disney movie and darkness of the series. "I was probably not the most pleasant person to live with," Lindelof said of his time working on the new season.

"The Leftovers" Season 2 premieres this fall on HBO.



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