LeftoverSwap Allows You To Share Your Half-Eaten Dinner With Strangers

Proving that the sharing economy has no boundaries, a new app will soon let users share their leftover dinner with strangers. Seriously.

Launching at the end of August, LeftoverSwap will allow users to upload a photo and description of their pad thai, pizza or pho and connect them with hungry neighbors nearby.

But while the idea may sound a bit crazy, it might actually be contributing to the greater good: LeftoverSwap will start as a donation-only model.

"If you get a good meal and you want to pay it forward, you can," founder Dan Newman told The Huffington Post.

"LeftoverSwappers don't feel the need to eat an enormous restaurant portion, and instead pass it on to a hungrier neighbor, in turn learning their name and avoiding excess calories," explains the website.

Newman said that, while a payment model could be a possibility in the future, the app could also be more philanthropic in nature.

"There is hunger in the United States," said Newman. "Do those people have iPhones? Maybe not. But we're hoping to test this with iOS and potentially reach out to other platforms."

The company will focus its marketing on Seattle (where it's headquartered) and San Francisco to start, but will be available across the country.

"As long as there's another user near you," said Newman, "Anyone can join."


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