Leg Drawings: Ripped Skin, Cats And Breaking Bad Featured On Jody Steel's Epic Leg Canvases

These Leg Drawings Take Classroom Doodles To The Next Level

Jody Steel engaged in school the way many of us did -- while everyone else was learning, she was doodling on her body.

The difference between your experience and Steel's is that she was offered a job when her professor caught her slacking. Her leg drawings were so impressive, she says, her professor at Emerson College in Boston hired her to illustrate a novel.

Now the 19-year-old film production student uses her legs as her main canvas. The photos of her appendage art -- which utilizes mostly pens and black ink -- is so stunningly intricate that most people think they're tattoos. Steel says she didn't expect the fame she's starting to receive on the Internet.

"I really started because honestly, I didn't have any paper around," she told HuffPost Weird News. "I was drawing a lot in class, and people began to notice ... I'm just really pale and my skin is most equivalent to paper."

Her first big creation was Breaking Bad character Walter White's face. It went viral on Reddit and is one of the top results on a Google search for "Walter White drawing." Steel's biggest regret is that she didn't put her name on the original, so her viral leg drawing was anonymous... Until now.
In fact, several of her drawings have gone viral, though not always for the right reasons. A drawing like this one was written up in a handful of "Unbelievable Ripped Skin Tattoo" stories.
She's not a tattoo artist, but she's thinking about which of her leg drawings she'll make permanent. This elephant is in the running as one of her favorites.
She does a solid Joseph Gordon-Levitt, too.
She really wants to be a painter. We believe in her, given her prowess with a pen.
She's also creative and is quick with pop culture references. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones has never looked better.
Yeah, she's a space cadet in class...
... But she got a job out of it. Here, Freddy Krueger rips through her leg.
We didn't ask her, but she seems to have a thing for actor Aaron Johnson. Just look at those pursed man lips!
OK, we have a thing for Thom Yorke though.

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