Legal Drug 'Spice' Grows In Popularity Among Teens

Potent Legal Drug Grows In Popularity Among High School Students

A potent drug known as "spice" is being sold to high school students across the country, ABC News reports.

"Spice," also known as "K2" or "legal marijuana," is sold as incense and typically consists of chemicals sprayed on to dried leaves. The product isn't marketed for human consumption.

However, when smoked, the product has a similar effect to marijuana, but is said to be many times stronger.

The drug is legal and accessible to many teens. Although it should only be sold to people 18 years and older, an ABC investigation found that younger teens were easily able to purchase "spice."

The controversial drug has been linked to deaths and accidents, including the suicide of 18-year-old David Rozga, who shot himself after smoking it.


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