Legalization Day in Alaska Passes With Plenty of Pot but Little Public Fanfare


GIRDWOOD -- The password to the legalization party was "I get high with a little help from my friends."

On Tuesday, Alaska became the third state in the nation to legalize recreational marijuana.

It turned out to be both a historic moment and a deeply understated occasion. With retail pot sales still at least a year off and public consumption banned, people who marked the moment mostly did so in private.

Anchorage police said they had handed out zero tickets for public consumption of marijuana as of midday Tuesday.

But at one rented condominium up a gravel road in Girdwood, legalization day was cause for an all-out party.

Alaska Green Cross, an organization devoted to cannabis advocacy, hosted the event, billed as a "Thanks and Treats Dinner."

"Come show us how Green and grateful you are to have realized the dream of Legalization," read an online announcement.

People started arriving at the house at 4:20 p.m. sharp to say the password and gain entry to the party.