Legendary Children, Photo Exhibition, Showcases Southern Drag Queens

"Legendary Children" is a the photography exhibition currently being held at Gallery 1526, in Atlanta, GA, and features some of the South's most popular and outrageous drag queens in and out of their natural habitat (aka: the Southern gay bar).

The exhibition features the work of five photographers: Blane Bussey, Jon Dean, Blake England, Kevin O, and Matthew Terrell. Terrell has started a Kickstarter for "Legendary Children" in which for every $10 someone donates, they will receive a postcard featuring one of his photographs of the drag queens in the exhibit.

On his Kickstarter page, Terrell describes the art of drag:

Drag is an ancient art form. Cultures across the centuries have employed cross-dressing in both entertainment and spirituality. Drag points out the gendered dichotomy that divides our species; it expands our empathetic abilities. Drag disarms masculinity and honors femininity.

In our modern, American society, gay men are the carriers of this art form. They get to parade around as a completely different person for our entertainment. They get to prod us, make us uncomfortable by turning gender into a hyper-real sham. In my work for “Legendary Children” I present drag for what it is -- a surreal commentary on gender and power filled with glitter and feathers.

"Legendary Children" is part of the Atlanta Celebrates Photography Festival and one of the highlights of the festival will be on September 28 when "Legendary Children" will feature live drag performances at the gallery. The photographers will also be there in-person to sell their work and discuss the show.

For more information on the exhibit, click here.

For art-related inquiries contact Jon Dean, curator, at jodean20@gmail.com or Blane Bussey, curator, at blanebussey@gmail.com and for media-related inquiries contact Matthew Terrell, media liaison, at matt.terrell@gmail.com.

To see selected works from the exhibit click through the slideshow below.



Legendary Children