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Legless Lizard Crawls In Man's Penis On 'Sex Sent Me To The E.R.' (VIDEO)

You've heard of draining the lizard, but sometimes, the lizard goes "upstream" -- and it doesn't feel good, according to one emergency room patient.

According to Saturday's episode of the TLC series, "Sex Sent Me To The E.R.," a man identified only as "Shawn" went to a Chicago emergency room because of serious pain in his urinary tract.

Shawn was having trouble urinating, but wouldn't explain why, according to the show's reenactment of his medical problem. . The threat of having a catheter inserted got him to spill the beans, according to emergency physician Dr. Katrina Nguyen.

"[A catheter is] like a truth serum," Nguyen explains on the show. "All of sudden, the truth comes out."

He said his ailment stemmed from his wife criticizing his sexual performance and daring him to be more adventurous.

To satisfy her, he decided to spend time some time naked in the great outdoors to find his "sexual spirit."

"He's frolicking around, enjoying the sunshine and being with nature is how he told me," Nguyen said. "Then a legless lizard slithered near him."

The unusual reptile climbed Shaw's leg and eventually crawled into his urethra.

Nguyen removed the creature and left Shawn with a batch of feelings he didn't expect.

"He found it awkward that he enjoyed the pleasurable sensation," Nguyen said.

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