Lego Art: Famous Photographs Recreated Using The Famous Toy Bricks (PHOTOS)

It's one thing to recreate the Jedi Starfighter ship using legos and a set of well-crafted directions. It's another thing entirely to reinterpret the subjects and landscapes of famous photographs, using only the tiny toy bricks and an artist's eye for design.

lego art
"Behind the Gare Saint Lazare," original photo here.

UK-based artist Mike Stimpson recently took on the latter challenge in a series titled "Classics in Legos." He remade a number of recognizable photographs -- from Joe Rosenthal's "Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima" to Yoko Ono's "Bed-In" --using just lego figurines and a little black and white magic. And the results are impressively close to the mark.

We've fallen in love with Stimpson's lego version of Philippe Halsman's "Dali Atomicus" photograph, which features the mustachioed Salvador Dali suspended in mid-air amongst a sea of flying cats. Who knew your kid's favorite building blocks could be so surreal?

Scroll through the slideshow below for more of Stimpson's lego remixes and let us know which reimagination is your favorite in the comments section. We've included links to the original photos so you can experience just how similar the lego recreations really are.

Famous Photographs In Lego Form