Lego Artist Nathan Sawaya Brings The 'Whistler's Mother' And Other Famous Pieces To Life

Artist Nathan Sawaya turned the art world's most beloved matriarch to into a life-sized Lego sculpture.

nathan sawaya whistlers mother

As part of his “The Art of the Brick” exhibit at Discovery Times Square in New York, Sawaya re-imagined the “Whistler’s Mother” with 3-dimensional features, including an austere facial expression.

"I wanted to give her that very puritanical look, so that when you look at her face you’ll see her expression is a bit stern. But I thought that was appropriate," Sawaya said in a video explaining his creative process behind the Lego sculpture.

But he didn't stop at just one masterpiece. Sawaya's collection is loaded with tons of life-size lego interpretations of both classic and original works:


"The Art of the Brick" is on display at Discovery Times Square until January 5.

Check out the gallery below for a glimpse of Sawaya’s other Lego masterpieces and let us know your favorite in the comments.

Nathan Sawaya's "The Art of the Brick"