Lego Donald Trump Makes Christmas Anything But Great Again

“I’m calling for a total ban on Gingerbread men."

This Lego Donald Trump will permanently be on the naughty list.

The plastic version of the president-elect seizes control of the North Pole just two days after his inauguration, in Alisha Brophy and Scott Miles’ latest stop-motion animated video.

And as Santa Claus, he immediately sets to work in reshaping the holidays to be exactly how he wants them ― after a little help from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

What follows is a perfect parody referencing some of Trump’s most controversial moments of the past year.

There are references to Trump’s spat with the cast of the “Hamilton” musical and his ejection of a baby from a campaign rally.

The clever clip also mentions Trump’s disgusting comments about women.

“When you’re Santa, you can do whatever. Grab ’em by the antlers,” says “Santa” Trump.

He even calls “for a total ban on Gingerbread men,” in reference to his campaign vow to bar Muslims from entering the U.S.

Check out the full video above.

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