Lego Game Boy: New Toy Combines Legos, Transformers, Tetris And Portable Gaming

The prayers of Lego and game boy fanatics the world over have been answered: There is finally a transforming Lego Game Boy for every geek's portable gaming pleasure. Not only does the game combine Legos and game boys, but it also involves Tetris and Transformers.

The new Nintendo product, named "Domaster" (that's short for "Dot Matrix with Stereo Sound") is the sequel to creator and Lego fan Julius von Brunk's popular Nintendo/Transformers crossover. Brunk spent nearly a month creating his new hybrid twist on the traditional Game Boy, which features a new robot shape and deconstructable structure.

The "Domaster" is part of a recent Lego resurgence in the media, as interest in Legos and new Lego creations is flourishing. And they're not just limited to boy gamers -- Lego launched an ambitious new line of girls' toys in January. The line, called "Lego Friends," is targeted at pre-teen girls and features five main teen-girl characters as well as stereotypically "feminine" colors and designs. We've also seen an influx of student-created stop-motion videos featuring Legos, such as this Lego reenactment of the Boston Tea Party and a Hunger Games Lego-based Trailer.

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