Lego-ish Jacoby Jones Highlight: Joe Flacco's Long Touchdown Pass In Super Bowl XLVII Recreated (VIDEO)

Even if you've already watched (and re-watched ) each of the seven touchdowns from the Ravens' win over the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, you have not seen any of them quite like this.

Brought to us by Sports Illustrated for Kids, here is the first touchdown scored by Baltimore wide receiver (and kick returner) Jacoby Jones as reenacted by Lego-ish figures called OYO Sportstoys.

The speedy Jones' first trip to the end zone came on a long heave from Joe Flacco late in the second quarter. With the pocket collapsing around him, the Super Bowl MVP stepped up through the pressure and launched a deep pass to Jones well inside the red zone (and well behind the defense). The pass was slightly underthrown, forcing Jones to fall down on his back to make the catch, which he did. Untouched, Jones then got back to his feet, made one defender miss as he sprinted past another and into the end zone for the 56-yard touchdown.

Since the game ended, haven't you been waiting to see that play in toy form? Of course, you have.

All we need now is the recreation of whatever caused the Superdome blackout.

CORRECTION: Our inner 11-year-old is kicking us in the shins, since this article originally identified the brand of toy as Lego, when they are the Oyo Sportstoys.



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