LEGO Proposal: Groom Uses 'Star Wars' LEGOs To Pop The Question (PHOTOS)

Turns out LEGOs aren't just for kids. Actually, they can be pretty romantic.

On Wednesday, Reddit user Cantankerous_Rancor posted photos of the ring box he recently presented to his girlfriend when he proposed. Inside the box were two "Star Wars" figurines, one holding an engagement ring.

"I made her a nice dinner of dishes that meant something to us (first date food, salad from a favorite 'romantic dinner' spot). Then, I brought out the box and did the stereotypical on one knee thing with this box instead of a normal ring box," he wrote. "Her thoughts were, and I am quoting: 'what the hell is that? Is that a LEGO box?", as I approached...'"

Cantankerous_Rancor wrote that the proposal worked. Congrats to the "self-confessed nerd!"

Below, photos from the proposal.

Click through the slides for more geeky proposals.

Geeky Marriage Proposals

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