'Lego: The Movie': Film Set For 2014

An Entire Movie Made Of Legos!

Once confined to bedroom floors, Legos blocks are set to reach a new height in pop culture.

According to Variety, the tiny building blocks will now be the subject of a feature film, with the famed connecting bricks set to construct a 3D animated world. Little is known about the plot, but Variety relays that the film will be 80% animated and 20% live action.

This is the next step in the development of the storied Danish toys, which recently began creating straight to home release films. "The Adventures of Clutch Powers," an animated adventure tale, came out in 2010.

They also have in recent years been the basis of a number of hit video games. In fact, many of those video games place classic movies, such as "Batman," "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones," in Lego-built worlds, with protagonists morphed into the tiny yellow people that populate the movie inspired-Lego world.

Now, instead of home consumption, Legos will make a film for the big screen. Warner Bros. will be producing the movie. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, directors of "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs," will write and direct, and Chris McKay, director of "Robot Chicken," will join on as co-director.

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