Legoland Prank Swaps Volvo With Lego Car

Legoland California manager Peter Rochetti was dumbfounded when he saw his car in the parking lot earlier this week. Instead of his usual Volvo SUV, Rochetti found a a massive lego replica. The blue beauty was made of 201,760 pieces of lego and weighed 2,934 pounds, reports the LA Times.

Legoland model shop supervisor Tim Petsche orchestrated the plan after noticing that the lego car, which was being refurbished at the time, bore a close resemblance to Rochetti's Volvo, reports NBC San Diego. On Monday morning of this week, one of Rochetti's employees snatched his car keys, moved his car, and then returned the keys. A forklift transported the lego SUV to Rochetti's usual space.