Roy Moore Accuser Writes Powerful Open Letter: 'Where Does Your Immorality End?'

Leigh Corfman asked the Alabama Senate candidate to stop calling her a liar.

Leigh Corfman, who has accused Roy Moore of touching her inappropriately when he was 32 years old and she was 14, has written an emotional open letter to the Alabama Senate candidate.

Corfman said in the letter, published Tuesday evening on, that she is telling the truth and demanded that Moore stop calling her a liar.

Corfman was the first woman to speak out against Moore, and was the subject of a Washington Post report earlier this month. She also appeared on the “Today” show last week to discuss what happened to her and deny accusations that she’s being paid to tell her story.

“I explained my motivation on the Today show. I said that this is not political for me, this is personal,” she wrote in her open letter. “As a 14-year old, I did not deserve to have you, a 32-year old, prey on me. I sat quietly for too long, out of concern for my family. No more.”

“I am not getting paid for speaking up. I am not getting rewarded from your political opponents,” Corfman added. “What I am getting is stronger by refusing to blame myself and speaking the truth out loud.”

Moore made his first public appearance in nearly two weeks during a campaign rally in Henegar, Alabama, on Monday. He denied all allegations against him, calling them “malicious” and “false” and claiming he has never met any of the six women who have accused him of sexual misconduct.

Corfman wrote that she did not initially respond to the attacks against her character but that she couldn’t stay silent after Moore’s most recent comments.

“What you did to me when I was 14-years old should be revolting to every person of good morals. But now you are attacking my honesty and integrity,” she wrote. “Where does your immorality end?”

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