Leighton Meester's Court Battle With Mom Ends

Leighton Meester has one less thing to worry about these days. The "Gossip Girl" star's nasty legal dispute with her mother, Constance Meester, is now over according to an exclusive report from The Hollywood Reporter. Constance has reportedly dropped her defense against her daughter and will no longer be able to claim any of the money she makes.

This mother-daughter dispute dates back to July, when Leighton filed suit against Constance for wrongly using money she sent to her younger brother -- amounting to $7,500 a month -- for personal use, including plastic surgery and Botox. In the suit, Leighton claims there were no contractual agreements involving money between her and Constance.

Constance fired back at Leighton with a $3 million suit for allegedly breaching oral contracts -- including one involving her testimony in a previous legal battle against Abrams Artist Agency -- stating that she had "sacrificed her happiness" in order to help Leighton's acting career.

Leighton filed a demurrer against her mom's claims, including her arguement that she managed Leighton through her company, Intentional Productions, Inc., and was promised $10,000 a month for her services.

And with the latest default judgement, it looks like this family feud is legally over -- for now.

For more on Meester's legal drama, head over to The Hollywood Reporter.