This Itty-Bitty Town Will Make You Wanna Run Off To Spain

On the list of reasons to drop everything and go to Spain, this is rising to the top... fast. Meet Lekeitio, an itty-bitty fishing town nestled on the country's northern coast near Bilbao.

Aside from boasting two stunning beaches, amazingly fresh seafood and an island you can walk to, it has totally mastered the moody pre-storm beach look:

Lekeitio is in Spain's Basque Country, the coastal patch famed for its bar snacks called pintxos (think tapas, but bite-sized atop FREE BREAD). This charming village has zig-zagging walkways with a Gothic church, seafood restaurants and stellar sunset views.

Head to one of two local beaches, and wait for low tide to walk out to San Nicolás Island. (Just don't get stuck there!) It's a fairly quick bus ride or drive to Bilbao -- the Basque Country's more iconic coastal city -- and from there just a one-hour flight to Barcelona.

Weather in Lekeitio is warm all summer long, but revelers know to come in early September for the San Antolín festival, which ends with a game of goose body tug-of-war.

We'd goose chase to get here any day.