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You Can Get A Fancy Vibe On Sale This Weekend, Because Women's Day

You 👏 do 👏 you👏

Let’s put the X in sex. Or at least the X in extra bang for your buck.

This weekend, the luxury sex toy makers at Lelo are having a sale on some of the brand’s top-selling vibrators ... because International Women’s Day. That means you can get a nice, fancy vibe for 20 percent off now through March 10.

Whether you’re looking for a sex toy that’s better than a boyfriend, or a toy that’s twice as nice as any ol’ vibe, there are plenty of on-sale toys at Lelo that’ll take your sexy time to the next level.

For newbies, Lelo is a Swedish intimate lifestyle brand that designs higher-end sex toys to bring a feeling of luxury to an overcrowded and sometimes bawdy or lewd marketplace. Most of Lelo’s products ring up over $100, which is why it’s ideal to snag one of their luxe vibes at a discount.

Whether you’re doing it solo or with a partner, chances are your sex life could use some lovin’ with some toy time. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve rounded up some of Lelo’s top toys that are part of the sale, so you can find the right one for you.

Take a look below:

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The Lily 2
The Lily 2 is perfect for everything: solo play, partner play, or nestled between partners. It's also waterproof and has a "signature scent" that makes it truly one of a kind when it comes to vibes. Get it on sale at Lelo for $111.
The Ora 2
The Ora 2 is best known for being the toy that's probably better than a boyfriend. It's one of the best oral sex simulators for women that offers a better-than-real vibration sensation. Get it on sale at Lelo for $151.
The Ina Wave
The Ina Wave is designed to mimic the movement of a partner's fingers with "come hither" motion, while simultaneously massaging your G-spot. It's the best of both worlds. Get it on sale at Lelo for $160.
The Soraya
The Soraya is twice as nice as any ol' vibe. For twice the fun, it acts as both a clitoral stimuator and a G-spot stimulator using a rabbit vibe design. Get it on sale at Lelo for $191.
The Gigi 2
The Gigi 2 is perfectly designed to target your G-spot with a vibrating sensation. It's one of Lelo's most popular G-spot vibrators. Get it on sale at Lelo for $111.