Daniel Handler, Aka Lemony Snicket, To Give Relationship Advice On Our Twitter Feed

Do you have any relationship problems? Daniel Handler, better known as the author A Series Of Unfortunate Events Lemony Snicket, is listening. On Monday, January 23rd, between 11am and 2pm EST, he's going to be taking over our Twitter feed to give 140 character-long advice.

We should warn you that he's probably not going to be sympathetic, kind, nor indeed should anything he tweets be taken too seriously, so probably best not to reveal anything too sensitive or illegal.

However, he will almost certainly be raucously entertaining, so you'll probably want to tune in.

It's all because of his latest book, "Why We Broke Up", a beautifully illustrated (by Maira Kalman) novel in the form of a break-up note from a teenage girl to her former boyfriend.

Handler himself has been with his wife "since before the internet" so he's almost certainly not qualified to answer your queries.

With that proviso understood, we humbly ask for your questions below, or tweet us @huffpostbooks, and we nervously await his wise counsel.

Correction: Maira Kalman's name was originally spelled wrong. It has now been corrected.