Lemony Snicket Gives Love Advice On Twitter

You probably know Daniel Handler best as Lemony Snicket, the darkly snarky author behind "A Series of Unfortunate Events." But when he's not penning tumultuous children's books, he creates deftly-written Young Adult novels.

His most recent book, "Why We Broke Up" [Little, Brown, $19.99], chronicles a young couple's relationship, from the flurry of falling in love to the "thunk" of a box full of their trinkets and memories being discarded. The bottle caps, letters, matches and protractors reveal how little the charming couple had in common, and the inevitability of their break-up.

So who better than Daniel Handler to give out relationship advice? Today, he took over The Huffington Post Books Twitter feed to answer readers' questions about online dating, love songs and first-date food. The result was hilarious if not always practical, and revealed perhaps hitherto unrevealed secret loves for absinthe and Condoleezza Rice.

View the entire conversation here, or check out some of the highlights, along with followers' comments, below: