Len and Laurel Testa's Space Mountain/Disney Cruise-Themed Home Is Wonderfully Weird (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Couple Takes The Disney Theme A LittleFar

There's a reason why they say Disney fans are the best, and that reason is because they have some serious dedication to the brand. And if you needed any proof of that, just check out Len and Laurel Testa's midcentury home, which after a year of remodeling, now has a Space Mountain and Disney Cruise theme.

According to Boing Boing, when the two bought the North Carolina house it already had a "retro-future" vibe, so they thought it would be perfect to incorporate their love for Disney, because, why not?

When you walk into their kitchen you'll find Space Mountain's post-show scene, right down to the banquette, LED lighting and the ice bucket and water bottle centerpieces. In their bathrooms, you'll see their interpretation of the Senses Spa on Disney Cruise Line's ship, with wall tiling almost identical to that found in the actual space.

We had to admit, we do appreciate this home's spunk and whimsical feeling. And we can't wait to see the new additions that will come. "Next year's project includes a garden for the lot next door," Len wrote. "If anyone has a spare replica of the IllumiNations globe, let me know."

Click through our slideshow to see this home. Be sure to head over to Boing Boing and Touring Plans for more information.

Disney House

Disney House!

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