Lena Dunham To Write Archie Comics Story

If that image looks familiar, it's because it's a mash-up of the classic girls from Archie Comics, and the promotional poster for Lena Dunham's HBO series, "Girls."

And the reason it exists is because this mash-up is really happening ... in a way. After talking about her love for Archie Comics in an interview, Lena Dunham has been tapped to pen a four-issue arc for the iconic teenagers of Riverdale.

"I was an avid Archie collector as a child -- conventions, first editions that I kept in plastic sleeves, the whole shebang," said Dunham in a press statement. "It has so much cultural significance but also so much personal significance, and to get to play with these beloved characters is a wild creative opportunity."

While the accompanying image may be a nod to "Girls," we can't imagine Dunham taking things that far with America's favorite teenager. The publisher has already expanded with more sophisticated work like their zombie series "Afterlife with Archie," and another series exploring married "Life with Archie," but we doubt they're ready for an R-rated Riverdale.

Lena Dunham's Archie Comics story is scheduled to appear in 2015. "Girls" is currently airing on HBO, Sundays at 10 p.m. EST.



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