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Lena Dunham Reacts To Emmy Nominations

On Thursday morning, Lena Dunham got some exciting news. Her HBO show "Girls," which kicked off in April, had received five Emmy nominations, three of which were for Dunham individually.

Most people would tearfully call their friends and family or go out for a celebratory meal in the wake of an Emmy nomination, but Lena Dunham is not most people.

Here are nine absurd things the "Girls" creator did when she found out about her nods.

1. Ate A Burrito
"I'm eating a burrito. No one is going to stop me. I'm having a f---ing burrito," Dunham told Vulture. Does Brooklyn Heights have a Chipotle?

2. Tried To Wake Up After They Were Announced.
She just thought it would be "really cool to sleep past when everyone knows." And although she set her alarm for 9 a.m. ET (the nominations were announced at 8:30), the "really cool" plan didn't pan out: Dunham woke up at 7:30.

3. Was At A Loss For Words
The queen of twitticisms stayed pretty mum. "I have no jokes to make," she tweeted. "This is an amazing morning."

4. Analyzed The Role Of Her Boobs
"I showed my boobs so much that they had to nominated me," she speculated to EW.

5. Screamed A Lot
"If my voice sounds weird, it's because I was literally screaming," Dunham admitted to The New York TImes. "All around my house, onto my bed, down the hallway, outside my house, on the phone with everyone I know."

6. Imagined Making Boys Cry
"I wish I didn't have so many visions of, like, myself talking to Joan Rivers," she told EW. "Or making someone who didn't want to hook up with me in college cry." They may be crying, but if they have HBO they still get to see her naked all the time.

7. Ran Around With No Pants On
Clothes keep us warm, decent, and at times make us more attractive. Lena Dunham, however, does not like clothes. It makes sense that she wouldn't want pants to be a part of her Emmy celebration.

8. Referenced Passover
"You know that song they sing at Passover, 'Dayenu,' which is, "It would have been enough,'" she said in an interview with The New York Times. "If God had just taken us out of the desert, it would have been enough. If he'd give us a cow, it would have been enough. But he did all this other stuff. I feel like with everything that happens, Dayenu."

9. Imagined Reading World Of Interiors Magazine.
"I want to lie down and read all my New York Times from the week," Dunham told Vulture. "I'm going to read my World of Interiors magazine, and I'm maybe going to eat some vegan cookies in my bed and listen to the new Ellie Goulding single over and over again."

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