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Lena Dunham Shows Off Lindsay Lohan-Inspired Style On Instagram (PHOTOS)

Like any healthy human being, we give a good eye roll each time we see another celebrity selfie posted on social media. But Lena Dunham has finally bucked the trend and warmed our cold, cold hearts.

Perhaps she was in a particularly fashion-y mood, because the actress took to Instagram to share her latest purchase, a Kate Spade Saturday ensemble -- correction: an incredibly adorable Kate Spade Saturday ensemble, complete with coordinating dress and shoes. She remarks in the caption, "It's cute, fairly cheap and now my dress will match my shoes forevermore." (Anyone else reminded of that "Girls" scene where Hannah proudly proclaims, "My shoes match my dress... kind of!" from the Season 1 finale?)

But the style love didn't stop there. Lena posted a second Instagram showcasing her blue nail polish and gave a hat tip to Lindsay Lohan for inspiring the color. Maybe, just maybe, Lena wants to follow LiLo's lead and start posting solely about style? Not that we're complaining about her current mix of subject matter -- we love Lena's Instagram feed as is.

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Lena Dunham's Style

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