Lena Dunham Interview Quotes: 26 Sound Bites From The Most Quotable 26-Year-Old

LOOK: 26 Quotes From The Most Quotable 26-Year Old

Lena Dunham has accomplished more at age 26 than most hope to accomplish in a lifetime. Not only has she directed the independent film "Tiny Furniture," but she is now the creator of and lead actor in HBO's hit TV show, "Girls."

If you -- along with James Franco-- think Dunham writes well, wait until you hear her perfectly articulated thoughts on sex, Twitter and female friendship.

The eloquent and often hilarious young creative manages to make each of her many interviews both memorable and insightful. In honor of the "Girls" season finale, airing this Sunday night, we’ve rounded up the 26 best quotes from the most quotable 26-year-old.

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