Dear Internet Haters, Lena Dunham Is Here To Defend The Kardashians


Lena Dunham doesn't need to keep up with the Kardashians because, at this point, she practically is one. 

In case you thought Dunham's brand of feminism might collide with the values of Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and the rest of the krew, the "Girls" star set the record straight Wednesday on "Late Night with Seth Meyers."

"Something that makes me angry is that sometimes we'll Instagram about Khloe, you know once or twice a day," Dunham joked with Meyers, "and people will be like, 'Those Kardashians aren't what you represent.'"

"Well, they're awesome entrepreneurs who are all about sisterhood and connection, so yeah, it is," she continued. 

There's one family member in particular that forever has her heart, calling Khloe "KoKo" Kardashian "the ultimate Kardashian experience." The love affair started when Khloe tweeted her support for Dunham and partner Jenni Konner's weekly feminist newsletter, Lenny Letter. 

Dunham, who called Kardashian's tweets "the only praise from the only source," responded, informing Khloe that the women of Lenny Letter "worship" her and urging the reality TV gem to "keep telling her truth."

The basis for their connection seems to be their shared devotion to Kardashian's app, which shares empowering daily quotes with its users, called "Khlotations."Dunham often posts on social media about her reverence for Khloe's wise words and was even featured on the app in April. 

"Girls" is set to wrap up after next season, so let's get the ball rolling now for a Kardashian guest appearance. Shoshanna may never recover. 



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