Lena Dunham Gets Motivational About Running In Instagram Post

But she's not about to "embrace that triathlon life" just yet.

Lena Dunham isn't one to shy away from talking about her struggles with body image and anxiety, and in a recent Instagram photo, she got extra motivational. 

The "Girls" creator posted a paparazzi snap on the image-sharing app, which shows her dressed in fitted workout gear while out for a run (in character as Hannah Horvath). For Dunham, seeing this photo surface online was a big deal, but not in the way you might think. Instead of dwelling on the fact the paps snapped her wearing no makeup (which some might do) the 29-year-old took pride in the image because of how she felt when it was taken. 

A photo posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

She shared a heartfelt caption with the photo, explaining to her followers that being able to complete her run with a positive attitude was a major step for her.

Not usually one to post a paparazzi shot but this fills me with pride. Basically my whole life I have hated running and run like a wounded baby Pterodactyl. It was embarrassing and honestly I did not trust myself to escape a burning building or even move briskly towards a buffet. @jennikonner is directing the season finale of Girls and decided that as Hannah evolved so would her run, so she got me a training session with Matt Wilpers from Mile High Run Club. Within an hour I had a different relationship to this formerly torturous activity. I felt strong, swift and proud. I'm not about to embrace that triathlon life but it's a true joy to continue getting more connected to my body and its powers. (Extra motivation provided by @manrepeller for @outdoorvoices.)#moveforyourmind.

And this isn't the first time Dunham's been open about how exercising has had a positive influence on her life. Back in April, the body-positive activist shared an image of herself in different workout wear with another great caption. 

Promised myself I would not let exercise be the first thing to go by the wayside when I got busy with Girls Season 5 and here is why: it has helped with my anxiety in ways I never dreamed possible. To those struggling with anxiety, OCD, depression: I know it's mad annoying when people tell you to exercise, and it took me about 16 medicated years to listen. I'm glad I did. It ain't about the ass, it's about the brain.

A photo posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

Keep being you, Lena. 

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