Here's How Lena Dunham Died On 'Scandal'

Lena Dunham received the full "Scandal" treatment during her guest appearance on Thursday's episode, playing a young woman who wrote a memoir about her sexual encounters with some of Washington D.C.'s elite players, including David Rosen.

Dunham's Sue got an earful from Olivia Pope, threw back her own fairly spot-on shade at Washington's best fixer, uncorked a few pretty good one-liners ("Are you here because you want to be my publicist?") and then wound up getting murdered by Huck. All in a days work!

Dunham, a "Scandal" superfan who even spoofed the show during her hosting stint on "Saturday Night Live," posted set photos to her Instagram account during the episode, even spoiling her big death scene before it occurred. Check those out below; the video of Sue's demise is above.

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