Lena Dunham Had To Go To Physical Therapy After Filming A Sex Scene For 'Girls'


If there’s one thing we know about “Girls,” it’s that the series doesn’t shy away from showing explicit sex scenes on screen. As the show’s creator Lena Dunham will probably tell you, filming those scenes comes with some risks. 

On last night’s episode of “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” the writer and director opened up about a “sex scene injury” she suffered on set.  

“I was basically telling my scene partner I could do physical things that I can’t actually do,” she explained to Meyers. “I was like, ‘I may not seem athletic, but I’m a beast and I can do … my hip flexors are so open — according to my yoga teacher — I can do anything. Do not worry about my body at all.’”

“The next morning I woke up and something was very wrong,” Dunham added, before admitting she had to see a physical therapist for the injury. 

Dunham and the male actor, who she noted was a “perfect gentleman” about the whole thing, were attempting to do a “wheelbarrow position,” which the actress happily demonstrated for Meyers and the audience. 

When the late-night host asked Dunham if she told her physical therapist how she got injured, she responded with a simple, “Nope,” as she shook her head. 

“I was like, ‘I had a crazy week. I ran on the beach a little bit. I took a walk uphill with some friends. I slept on a mattress at a Hilton Garden Inn and I wasn’t used that that.’” 

Eventually, Dunham ‘fessed up and her physical therapist was able to help her. Now, she said, she’s “never felt better.” 

“Girls” returns in January on HBO. 



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