Lena Dunham Becomes Sia While Performing 'Chandelier' On 'Late Night'

Lena Dunham Is A Sia Cover Artist Now?

Sia may have one of the hottest songs of the summer, but she's still a mystery to most fans. Described as a "socially phobic pop star," Sia refused to have her photograph taken for a New York Times profile and cast 11-year-old Maddie Ziegler from "Dance Moms" to be her proxy in the video for "Chandelier."

So, we guess it comes as no surprise that she had Lena Dunham perform the hit single on "Late Night With Seth Meyers" in her stead, Dunham danced around the stage in a platinum blond Sia-like wig, banged out faces from cardboard cutouts and played with toilet paper -- all as the singer presumably laid face down on the top of a bunk bed. Based on the original music video, which now has over 25 million views, Dunham's dance ended with her crawling into bed next to Sia. Aw.

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