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Lena Dunham Stole A Prop From The Set Of 'Girls' For Her Apartment

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For Architectural Digest, by Jordi Lippe-McGraw.

A lot has changed for Lena Dunham's character Hannah Horvath since Girls first aired in 2012 on HBO. As the show comes to a close, now in its sixth and final season, the actress, writer, producer, and director tells us that when it comes to her approach to interior design, she's had some growth spurts over the years as well.

"I always decorated myself," she tells AD. "I never worked with anybody else." In 2015, after Dunham purchased a home in West Hollywood, that changed. "In my house in Los Angeles, I worked with my close friend Paul Monroe, who is an amazing artist and creative to source vintage pieces that would really speak to [boyfriend] Jack [Antonoff] and my creative interests. He did a really amazing job! So, whether it's a big John Cassavetes poster or a really great Grace Jones calendar, he just filled our home with the illusion of heirlooms in a really great way."

That doesn't mean her New York apartment has been neglected when it comes to special touches. She made sure to snag her favorite piece of Girls memorabilia: "My headboard is Hannah's from the Girls set!"

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