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Lena Dunham's Style Is Fine 'As Is,' Says Bergdorf's Betty Halbreich

It's safe to say that not everyone loves Lena Dunham -- seriously, everyone has an opinion on the "Girls" creator. That includes Betty Halbreich, Bergdorf Goodman's iconic personal shopper.

The beloved 85-year-old spoke to the Daily Mail at the premiere of her documentary, "Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf's," and declared that Ms. Dunham is no fashion charity case. "Lena doesn't want to be dressed by me ... nor should she need to," she said. "She's fine just as she is."

As uncomplicated as they sound, Halbreich's comments bring to light much of the fashion discourse that has been surrounding Dunham -- namely, how the actress is in need of some sort of help. Publications are quick to pounce on the 26-year-old, calling out every fashion misstep and worst-dressed moment (some more nicely than others).

Luckily, Dunham herself isn't looking to change anything about her look or the way she's portrayed on television. She proudly admits that her "Girls" character isn't supposed to be well-dressed, throws off her heels during public appearances and claims to not want a Victoria's Secret Angel body. Even better, in response to criticism about a short dress she wore last fall, Dunham told the New York Post, "I am going to show my thighs every day till I die." You go, girl.

Obviously, Halbreich's praise is only a minor coup in Dunham's style war, but we're glad a member of the fashion clan came out strong in the actress' defense. So what do you think? Does Dunham need a stylist?

Lena Dunham's headline-worthy style:

Lena Dunham's Style

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