Lena Dunham Poses Topless For Latest Issue Of Harper's Bazaar

And opens up about turning the big 3-0.

Lena Dunham has shed her clothes yet again, this time for the sake of fashion. 

The actress appears on the cover of Harper's Bazaar's November issue, in which she talks about everything from being cool to turning 30 to being the Internet's punching bag. 

For the cover shoot, Dunham posed for photographer Nathaniel Goldberg. In one of the images, she's completely topless, save for a sign around her neck that reads, "Please do not handle." 


The sign is fitting, especially for someone like Dunham who faces criticism on a daily basis. In fact, she recently gave up control of her Twitter account because it "wasn't a safe space" for her. 

Inside the issue, Dunham talks about the Internet hate, explaining: 

"I've been put to bed for weeks from reading things about myself on sites that used to be considered feminist gospel. I love the Internet because it helped me discover everything that matters to me. But I also hate the Internet because every piece of true pain I’ve experienced as an adult -- with the exception of death in the family and breakups -- has come from it.”



The writer/actress/director/author also opens up about turning 30, which she's actually really excited about. 

"I'm psyched about it because I think that being in your 20’s -- especially as a woman -- there's an inherent tension," she says. "Ageism exists in all directions, but it isn't the sweet spot for being taken seriously in the workplace. I've been really lucky. I got to do a lot of things before I was 30 that most people don't.”

Dunham may consider herself lucky, but she's also very talented. Before hitting the big 3-0 she's managed to gain plenty of success in the industry. Aside from her show "Girls," which enters its fifth season in January, Dunham has also sold a new pilot, called "Max," to HBO.  

To read the whole interview, head over to Harper's Bazaar


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