Lena Dunham's Scandal Fail

Lena Dunham may have a huge following on Girls but casting her on Scandal was a huge mistake.

Last night's episode was probably one of the worst ever and an epic fail. Dunham was meant to be a wildly kinky part-time dominatrix whose clientele was powerful Washingtonians, but she was the total opposite of the type. There was nothing imposing, firm, threatening or, well, dominating about her.

Instead, she came off as her usual quirky, angsty, ironic, unfunny navel-gazing self--that is when she wasn't doing a bad imitation of Olivia Pope's power-purse walk.


Despite the moving moments dealing with Olivia's PTSD, the show felt as off-kilter and inconsequential until the last fifteen minutes as if it had been written by interns desperate to fill an hour.

Is someone at the network trying to reach a different demographic? If they're after millennials, my suggestion is to get Grant Gustin from The Flash to play some kind of screwed-up first-term Congressman. He would run rings around Dunham as an actor. For real.


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