Queen Cersei Reading Insults From 'The Bachelor' Is What TV Dreams Are Made Of

“I’m gonna punch her in the face, like seriously.”

If Queen Cersei was a contestant on "The Bachelor" you know she would maim, poison and kill her way to the top, only to stab [insert random white guy name here] with a rose and say, "More wine."

A "Game of Thrones" "Bachelor" crossover will never happen, so Lena Headey reading insults from the batshit crazy girls this season is probably the best we're going to get. Headey stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Monday night and delivered some of the juiciest lines in her signature HBIC Cersei delivery. 

Of course, the actress first needed a goblet of wine to really get into character. 

Headey recites lines like, “I’m gonna punch her in the face, like seriously,” and, “I think her boobs are fake, but it’s okay, like you can tell they’re fake,” as if she was reading Margaery Tyrell to filth. 

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